Several months ago I have read interesting article Dead souls from overseas. Yakov Fain has written his article about “big” developer’s team for customer, but it contains only several people. I want to describe you other situation, which could happen in your life.

So, you are developer in offshore company. You learn a lot of new stuff and all is going well. One day you have met your project manager or team leader. You have a short conversation and he involved you in some large enterprise project. No interviews or tests required. There is just one thing – you will work with someone else’s name. You are the ghost. Who will win? You or your company?


  • Pros
    • They could involve same developer in different projects. As the result they would get really great resume and much “better” finances.
  • Cons
    • There would be huge problem if ghost developer leaves company. Probably company would not be able to continue develop this project.
    • Company has just several resumes for customer (but of course, they could fake CVs too).
    • Organization could lose customers if someone would disclose information about real development process in the company.


  • Pros
    • You have better salary.
    • You have great opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge.
    • You have a joker – you could disclose full information about the company. It would be better to have customer who can acknowledge your words.
  • Cons
    • Your own projects history is blank or has “blank” periods. And more time you work as ghost, worse resume you’ll get at the end.
    • You could not add this project to your curriculum vitae.
    • It’s too late to work in this project with your real name. You have only one way to change this – to get fixed up in a new job.

What about customer? I highly recommend you to met your employees in real world, but sometimes it’s hard to implement. In this case I have several advices for you.

  • Pay attention to strange names, logins, emails in your project, version control system, on your staging server.
  • Try to find anything about your employee and offshore company at all in the Internet, search for a recommendations.
  • Schedule stand up meetings with your team.

I do not know who is the winner. If you are customer, be careful when choosing team for your project. For junior developers such companies are good starting point into the real development world. I hope any developer would prefer another company where he could work with his real name and his own career. I don’t know what to wish to the company, but I hope Ghost Hunters will kill all Ghosts in your office.

It is only my vision. You just should know about ghost developer.