First of all, I want thank my friends. I can’t write here without you. Very special thanks go to Dmytro Shteflyuk.

Several days ago I have talk with Dmytro Shteflyuk. He is waiting for my first post at this blog. He decided that secondary level domain will help me in a writing post. It seems he was right. As is already taken he and Elena Kupko have proposed me several alternatives of domain. Lets look at these alternatives.

  •, – last name based domain is very interesting, but ‘dmytrenko’ is well-known in Internet – you can search at Yep, maybe they are my relatives, but I don’t know them.
  •,,,,,,, – good domains, but not for me. If you would like take one of them, please don’t forget thanks Dmytro for his ideas.
  •,,,, – these domains contain information about me. But each of them is only about one side of me.
  •,,,, – it’s also about me. Sometimes my friends can’t understand my deeds. I also can’t understand some one. Elena has said: “With regards to your bitchiness”. I will remember these words.
  •, – these domains are best propositions.

But i have not chosen any. Why? I just like I hope it isn’t difficult for you, Dmytro. Please, let me know.

When you are searching for a personal domain, you must talk with your friends. You will have a good time and several interesting ideas. We are nothing without our friends.


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